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OT Re: For G-bashers

David Beardsley wrote:

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Butch" <paulrichard10@attbi.com>
> > Where does John Tesh fit between Kenny G and Pat Metheny?
> >
> > I once saw his band do  'conga line' kind of thing on TV.  They looked
> > pretty ridiculous.
> Sounds silly!
> JT and Kenny G are not only in the same county, but live in the same
> building.
> I didn't think I had time for this...but it's the end of the day...I'm
> practicing...
> * David Beardsley
> * http://biink.com
> * http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley

just to separate people from their public personas, tesh has a kid at my
daughter's grade school, so i know him a bit (tho i can't say i've ever
listened to his music). he's actually a very funny, generously unassuming
and personable fellow, with a good deal of self-deprecation with respect to
how his music is perceived by those more discerning among us (i.e. everyone
i know in the world, with the exception of john and his wife, i
suppose)...tho his music may be corny as hell, he seems to be sincere about
making it. not sure about kenny g., but from what metheny says, it sounds
like he's got more than a little inflation of the ego (and a rather severe
lack of talent/imagination/etc.). odd that metheny is so incensed, tho.
live and let live, i say. if people are stupid enough to buy this music,
then so be it. there are more important things to be angry about in this

"shut up and play yer guitar..."

lance g. (not to be confused)