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Re: Frank Zappa

<<This summer in eastern Germany the Grandmothers

  will play in a festival devoted to Zappa.
According to Don Preston, during the Soviet era
it was a crime punishable by imprisonment to
possess a Zappa record. A statue of FZ will be
unveiled. A 
similar monument was erected in 1995 in Vilnius,

Well, I think just about everything that wasn't
"approved" by the Soviet government was illegal,
which included pretty much all music from the
West. Why do you think The Beatles were so
popular on the black market in the USSR? But I
can believe Frank was a big deal in the Eastern
Bloc nations. I mean, one of the first things
Vaclev Havel did once he got elected President
of...was it Checkslovakia or Yugoslavia (or one
of the other countries?), anyway, when Havel got
elected, like the first thing he did was invite
Frank over for an official visit. I remember
reading about it in Rolling Stone back in the
day, they made it sound like Havel turned into
something of a fanboy in Frank's presence, naming
his favorite albums and so forth. At the time it
sounded odd that a newly elected government
official would hang out a rock musician, but I
now I can see why Frank was such a idol to the
opressed music fans of the Soviet Bloc, and
thusly, why Havel would be so eager to meet him
once the opportunity presented itself. 

May you never thirst!
The Scuba Diver Presently Known As Chris

"What do you get when you give a yo-yo to a flock of flamingos?"-James 
Earl Jones

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