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zappa!(was Re: For G-bashers)

>I suspect Frank looped exactly as much as he wanted
to.  If he'd wanted 
>loop more, he had the equipment to do it.

Actually, I’d say that he didn’t.  zappa was so
cutting edge that several synths and other instruments
were created specifically for his use (as with other
musicians now and from his time).  I’m sure that he
would have found a way to loop more if he was really
focused on looping, but the great thing about that man
was that he was never running out of ideas.  Few
musicians have a catalog like zappa’s (who released
multiple albums each year at times) and few musicians
were embracing technology and techniques the way zappa
did…although maybe I should say few musicians getting
noticed by the public were embracing the technology as
I’m sure that there is someone with their finger on
the reply button ready to prove me wrong 10 times

I agree…zappa would certainly have showed us a thing
or three about creative ways to use this gear…by the
way, does anyone know specifically if zappa ever
really experimented with looping like on civilization
phase III (which I still haven’t heard, but am dying
to hear) or some other of his more obscure works? 
Although, I’m not really sure if zappa would have
enjoyed looping…the first statement made on lumpy
gravy is that round or circular things are boring…

E va n|s sa B

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