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Bill Frisell in Austin, 04/28/02

Last night:

Bill Frisell and Greg Leisz at the Continental Club in Austin.  Both
performers had DL4s, both performers sounded fantastic and both performers
were warm, friendly and obviously having fun.

Lots of looping, especially from Bill.  He used his EH 16-second delay to
great effect (I'd like to learn more about this box), mangling his loops
into atonal, double speed, backwards mischief, while the DL4 was used
primarily as a straight-ahead looper (that's nearly oxymoronic, isn't it?).
Greg used his DL4 mainly as a delay unit, though it was subtle: there were
many times in which he would reach over and adjust the thing (it was on a
chair beside him), but I couldn't discern the difference.  He did loop once
or twice, again subtly.  

Shocker: Bill was running stereo through a Lexicon MPX-100, decorated with 
sticker of a trout.  I've had this box for a while and have generally been
unimpressed, but it sure sounded good last night.  Well, I suppose Bill
sounded good last night.  The MPX-100 certainly didn't seem to be hurting
him, though.

Oh, and the trainspotters!  Men of all ages--16 to 61--scrutinizing the
set-ups.  I hope I was more subtle.  

sonic detritus:
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