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Re: OT - Near Field Monitors

--- skincage <skincage@infin8ty.com> wrote:

> if you get the yamahas be mindful that the bass tapers off FAST after
> 80 hz so you might not
> be hearing your real low end and might add too much bass to
> compensate if you didn't know to
> watch out for it.

Definitely. The other danger is that you'll undermix the upper mids,
since the NS10s are so pronounced (harsh) in that region. 

Beyond that, I don't like working on them because they are extremely
fatiguing to listen to for any extended period of time. I can work for
several hours using my Tannoys, or something like the Mackie monitors,
but NS10s will have my ears burnt in just a few minutes.

But yeah, I have a set. Doesn't everyone? <grin>


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