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[ANN] Public Beta: Isadora Real Time Media Processing Software

I am writing to announce the public beta of Isadora, my real-time 
video processing software for MacOS 9, Mac OS X, and Windows. You can 
download version 0.8.2 and the preliminary Isadora manual from the 
page at


Isadora is a graphic programming environment that provides 
interactive control over digital media, with special emphasis on the 
real-time manipulation of digital video. An Isadora program is 
created by linking together graphically represented building blocks, 
each of which performs a specific function: playing or manipulating 
digital video, capturing live video, looking for MIDI input, 
controlling a DV camera, etc. By linking the modules together you can 
create complex interactive relationships that can be controlled in 
real time, either with the mouse and keyboard, or with external MIDI 

The response from those of you who have seen it has been positive, 
which is gratifying to me. So I hope that some of you on this list 
will have a look. For those of you here who have been using MAX + 
Nato, the interface will be quite familiar I think.

As mentioned above Isadora will be for both MacOS and Windows. This 
public beta is for the MacOS 9.x version of the program only. The 
seems to run fine on OS X, but I haven't seriously tested it in that 
environment. The OS X version should be considered be in an alpha 
stage of development. There is also a Windows version on the way. My 
hope is to make an alpha release of the PC version in the next month 
or so. (If you are really burning to have it, email me...) Files 
created on one platform will be able to be loaded on the other.

The program is available for sale now at a discounted price that will 
remain in effect until the 1.0 release. (Those who purchase the 
public beta will receive the 1.0 release too.)

If you find bugs, or just have suggestions, please don't hesitate to 
send them to me via the page at 


Mark Coniglio, Artistic Co-Director | troika@panix.com
Troika Ranch Dance Theater          | http://www.troikaranch.org