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Re: EH 16 second delay

At 07:53 PM 7/31/2002, Richard Zvonar wrote:
>Richard Zvonar wrote:
>>If someone will catalog the E-H's features I'll see if I can reproduced 

probably another one is the delay feedback being done in analog. That sort 
of thing was either a flaw or a feature depending who you ask. With each 
repetition of the loop you pick up some system noise, and probably lose 
some high end, so loops subtly change over time. In tape loops there is 
tape compression as well. People often like this in older delays and hear 
it as "warmth", although it sucks in a looper when you want the loop to 
stay the same. Digital loopers and delays usually do feedback digitally, 
you get perfect copies with only the amplitude change of the feedback 
setting. Of course, in a digital system you have the opportunity to put 
sort of processing you like in the feedback path, which is a nice effect. 
To capture the "character" of something like the eh16, you would probably 
need to figure out something about how the feedback path affects the 
and add some sort of lowpass filter + noise generator in the feedback of 
your emulation.


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