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Re: EDP Noise level

I didn't say they are very noisey.  I said they all have hiss.  We do
not use amplifiers, we record direct into a roland VS2480, no
All these looping devices are usable, but they have hiss.  Analog tape
recording is usable, but it has hiss.  All amplifiers generate noise. 
All preamps generate noise.  Whether this noise is noticable or not
depends on the signal to noise ratio, which is a function of the
design, the components, and how high you set your input signal with
respect to the noise floor.  That was the point I was attempting to
make, set your levels as high as possible without clipping.  This
maximizes the signal and minimizes the noise.

Perhaps I should have said 'all these devices have hiss, but if the
input levels are set appropriately the hiss will be well below the
signal'.  Since the user noted 
>As I layer more loops to the first the Hiss goes away  (or is covered
this sounded like the edp is working fine, that the noise is not
noticable when the signal is high enough, so I suggested raising the
input level.
--- Marklar <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> As a person who's owned all of these devices, I don't find any of
> them to
> be very noisey.  Could it be the amp you're going to?  Do you have a
> compressor after them?
> Mark Sottilaro
> Bret wrote:
> > I haven't seen a response to this hiss question.
> > I have recorded many of the popular looping devices, EH16, Jamman,
> > Repeater, EDP, DL4.  They all have hiss.

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