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Re: recommended recordings

Frisell perhaps not essential?????? What blasphemy is this????? :o)

Ghost Town is a truly remarkable album, was a defining moment for me,
listening wise... every note Frisell plays is essential, but GhostTown is a
marvellous loop intro to the great man. also worth checking out are all the
trio records, the recent one with Elvin Jones and Dave Holland, the Buster
Keaton soundtracks, and the live mid 90s one...


> > could someone
> > please recommend some essential recordings where looping is employed?
> jeff.....yesterday i heard a knockout cd, bill fressels (sp) "ghost 
> was the first time i had heard it, americana, banjo, gershwin, john
> mclaughlin, it had it all.....jazzy, folky, spacey, ambient and very 
> another cd ive been playin alot is john scofields "a go-go".....perhaps
> are not "essential" but they may interest you.....michael