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Re: EH 16sec.DDL reissue?

matthias writ&answered:

>> The EDP and Repeater have great power,
>> but are different things and most useful for those who enjoy twisting
>> and control of multiple loops (and like reading manuals).
> no, I did not build the EDP for this and dont use it like that, 
>> The 16-second
>> DDL is just hands-on immense fun.
> and the EDP isnt?
> It has more functions, but there is no need to use them.

here is the *main* deal w/ EH16ddl(for me): sliders(faders) instead of 
or buttons...messin w/ sound usin them allows for great wackiness and just
the physicalnesss/ergonomie makes for the unexpected and nonplanned...
its asif you can manipulate
time(backwards/frontwards-up/down-in/out-thru/threw) like it was 'silly
putty' er somethin...