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Re: essential loop recordings

Haven't gotten through all the messages, but here are a couple of looping
recordings no one has mentioned, that were a big influence on me:

Roger Miller - Maximum Electric Piano
In the late 1980s, Miller was using a rig consisting of a Yamaha 
electric baby grand, an EH 16 second delay, an analog delay, a fuzz box, 
a volume pedal, and Cage-style prepared piano techniques to pour insane 
amounts of sound out into the world.  I saw him do this live and was 
never the same.  This album, probably long out of print, captured the 
essence of what he was doing.

Power Tools - Strange Meeting
Frisell, Melvin Gibbs, and Ronald Shannon Jackson, live to DAT. 
Frisell's looping was more obvious then, which i think was a GOOD thing.