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minidisc stuff

a couple thoughts...

-- there are no MD players that allow you transfer files
from the MD to the computer as data. this is because Sony
invented and controls MD technology, and they are
super-adamant on preventing file sharing from happening, as
their music/media divisions pay for much of the rest of the
company to run.

-- the cleanest way to get MD to the computer now is
digital audio output. however, as far as I know no portable
units have digital outputs (Sony are bastards!). I had to
fork up $400 for a new desktop component unit just to get
that digital output. then I run that into my M-Audio
Dio24/96 card with TOSlink digital input. if you just want
to buy a portable unit however, you'll be stuck with just
analog transfer from the MD to the computer. (However, most
portables do have a digital input with a proprietary cable.
digi input to a unit that has data compression, but no digi
outs? Sony is clueless.)

-- portable HD recorders are on the way. by next year there
probably will be many options of good quality for tapers.
http://www.soundprofessionals.com has one option already
available for pre-order i believe, but it's about $2000.
very nice though, with built in XLR pre-amps, phantom
power, and a hard drive.

-- for DAT, HD recorders, good mics, etc. go to

-- for MD stuff, try http://www.minidisco.com i've bought
there consistently and like working with them, they even
sell cool import stuff.

-- i agree, the sharp MDs i think are cooler. usually
easier to use, with easily adjustable input levels. PLUS,
some of the new sonys have line inputs but no mic inputs!!
how lame is that. check minidisco for the newest sharp
units, i'd say.

-- I've heard the Nomad Jukebox by creative labs has a line
input. not good enough quality for hi-fi concert taping,
but for home/note-taking use it'd work, and you can
transfer as data to the computer.

hope this helps!
- dylan

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