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Re: Echo Pro footcontroller options

--- Doug Cox <dougcox@pdq.net> wrote:
> On a side note - I've been VERY interested in
> controlling the pitch shift on
> my RPS-10 using a keyboard...  What keyboard
> are you using in her setup?

Haven't settled on that yet; the manual specs that
"the ideal keyboard sound is that with a simple
waveform (sine, triangle, or square), a short attack
time and a long release time" with a range "wider than
C5 (523.25Hz) to C7 (2093Hz)", preferably monophonic.
(A polyphonic keyboard will work, but if you play more
than one key at a time you'll confuse the RPS-10).

My SHS-101 would work, but I really don't feel like
using it for a controller. I've got an RS-09 that's
not being used that would work, or maybe a Casio or
Yamaha portable; we're gonna experiment with some of
my circuit-bending stash. Originally, I'd planned on
using a micro-keyboard that would fit inside a rack
space, but I'm not sure I can find one with a wide
enough range. I used it in my larger rack for a long
time, but I just turned the knob manually; attaching a
keyboard for pitch shift control disables the Pitch
and Pitch Fine knobs...


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