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Re: Echo Pro footcontroller options

Tim Nelson wrote:
> --- Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com> wrote:
>>What I'd really like to know is: with the Echo Pro,
>>is there any provision for using a very basic
>>footcontroller without having to configure a large,
>>bulky MIDI controller?
> And anticipating what I'm afraid will be the answer,
> the next question is: Can anyone recommend a very
> small, very inexpensive MIDI pedal? It doesn't need to
> be full-featured; I'm pretty sure it only needs to do
> program change. (?)

I just picked up an echo pro, and the rfx midibuddy (used) and for the 
basic functions, the midibuddy hits it right on the nose. It's 
ergonomiclly well designed and the program changes you need are all on 
the lower tier -- 105 to 109