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Re: Loopers Delight Movie Virus

Don't get me started.  I seem to constantly get worm generated emails 
with little gifs and jpegs attached.  I'm sure they're from LD list 
members because they're often little picture of music gear.  Drives me 
up a wall.  I chalk it up to ignorance and lazyness.

Hey!  If you're reading this and you've got a computer with no virus 
protection that ignorant lazy person is YOU.

Mark Sottilaro

On Thursday, July 3, 2003, at 02:52 AM, John Tidwell wrote:

> Is anyone else getting emails, supposedly from
> Loopers Delight, with MOVIE as the subject & an
> attached file?
> I've received two in the last 2 days.
> Someone needs to flea dip their hard drive.
> John
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> John Tidwell
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