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Another Echo Pro question


I'm getting into using my Echo Pro and am very pleased with it - I
thankfully have not encountered  any of the delay MIDI sync problems that
were discussed here a while ago (maybe Line6 ran some improvements on later

My question is very specific and relates to the looper's own delay line.
When using any of the delay models, I always use MIDI clock sync and it
works perfectly, I can change the note value (resolution), fine - I have
the global setting on MIDI clock. However when in the looper, I can't find
a way of changing the note value of the delays and its stuck at
something like 8th note triplets!. The front panel button that would
normally switch between different note lengths for the delay is now a
looper control and the delay time knob of course doesn't work (display says
"MIDI") as you'd expect. Anybody know how to change note values of the
looper's delay?




P.S. I've come across an anoying design fault of the Echo Pro that's worth
mentioning. If you use the jack ins/outs you can choose to use it mono
in/mono out or mono in/stereo out (as well as stereo in/out), however if
you use the XLRs (which of course aren't switching sockets) you can't just
use one plug to get mono in. This is anoying as I only have 1 post-fade
send on the desk I use with it and its far more convenient just to send one
signal to it. I've therefore been using jack in XLRs out. Would it work in
terms of impedance, to make up a 'Y' lead of TSR jack to 2XLRs on the