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Re: T-shirt Status

Heh, in one of my old bands, t-shirts with our logo on
the front were brisk sellers at gigs, so we had to
have them printed kinda often. One time, we went with
a 'glow-in-the-dark' ink as the logo's outline. At the
very first gig where we were selling the glowing
shirts, it was kind of hot and muggy, and a couple
dozen people bought them, took off the shirts they
were wearing, and put on their new t-shirts, unwashed.

After about an hour, several of those people had red
rashes on their chests in the shape of our logo!


--- Squid Loop <tentacle_joe@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Excellent -- maybe I won't have to do laundry after
> all :)
> --- Jason Fink <jfink@cabq.gov> wrote:
> > Word is, shirts are printed and I will be getting
> > them early next week.

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