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Newbie question...

Hello all,

My first post on this list.

I've recently become a looper in the context of my solo acoustic gig.

I'm using the Boss RC-20 loop station which is giving me *most* of what, 
I'm trying to accomplish one other thing, and I'm having trouble finding a
piece of gear that will do it.

I want to be able to have 2 seperate loops, sync'd together in tempo, but
such that one can be stopped and started while the other plays on.

Here's an example:

I play "Lay Down Sally" by Eric Clapton. I lay down and loop a drum pattern
with my Roland drum pad thingie. That's dandy, and that stays on the entire

I THEN want to lay down the little a chord riff that the verses and the 
break use.

BUT, when the chorus rolls around, I want to be able to kill the A chord
riff loop, keeping the drum loop running, and them play the D/D7/E7 chorus
progression, then kick the A riff loop back in when I'm done with the

Right now I can't loop the A riff because it plays through the chorus and
sounds lame doing so.

I've tried using an extra box to do the seperate loop, in the case a Line6
DL4, but the problem there is if the timing is off any at all, after a few
loops, everything gets out ot sync. Not acceptable.

I've read up on the Jamman, and the Electrix Repeater and it's not clear to
me from what I've read if I can have two independent, but time sync'd loops
with either of those boxes.

Can anyone lend some helpful input on this matter?


Paul Sanders
Email: paul_sanders@adelphia.net