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Re:EDP Loop Copy /was newbie question

Howdy folks,

Yet another newbie here (we're everywhere!)

Hey, thanks for the info on Loop Copy.  I literally got my edp w/pedal board yesterday and was also interested in the loop copy function, among a billion (at least) other things.

Now . . . . Loop Copy is not something one can easily do on the fly without an additional midi pedal/controller, right?  Because LC is in a sub-menu.

If you get the Behringer midi pedal (FCB1010) everyone here seems to use (see .. I  HAVE been lurking for awhile ) you can assign loop copy to a midi note, hit the right pedal and ur all set . . . I think.  

Might be simpler to just make one looooong loop consisting of both verse and chorus?  I think a maxxed out edp can do this no problem.  That way ther's no switching or midi pedal to worry about.  The drum machine(?) could just play and wouldn't have to be looped.

Anyway, nice to be here and will be posting more as I get into this cool machine.


> Just to further elaborate, once I lay down loop 1, does that set the
> for the
> remaining loops? What happens if loop 1 is longer than loop 2? Will loop 2
> just be
> extended with silence for the duration of loop 1?

Nice.  These questions take you into some of the deeper capabilities of the
EDP.  I'm not a complete expert here, but this is what I can tell you:
The EDP has a parameter called LoopCopy.  It can be set to "Time", "Sound",
or "Off".  If set to Time, Loop 2 will be the same length as Loop 1, but the
sound isn't copied from Loop 1.  So yes, in that case, if you played too
fast on Loop 2, there'd by a space there.

But, if you had set the LoopCopy parm to Sound, it would copy the sound from
Loop 1 (the drums) into Loop 2, and that would be playing as you overdub the
A riff onto Loop 2.  So, there's a audio "guide" for you there, and you'll
play the A riff in time (won't you? :) ), and there will be 2 loops of
exactly the same length.

If you set LoopCopy to Off, neither time nor sound is copied from Loop 1, so
it's "freeform".  You wouldn't do this in the example you're giving, but
it's a great feature for other types of music.

> Also, if I start loop 2 back up, does it start right away, or does it wait
> until the beginning
> of  loop 1 again?

Another great feature of the EDP.  This is the SwitchQuantize parameter.  If
set to "On", then yes, when you hit the NextLoop button, Loop 2 will start
exactly at the loop boundry (the end) of Loop 1.  Keeps things in perfect
time.  If SwitchQuantize is set to "Off", then the switch occurs as soon as
you hit the NextLoop button.  You wouldn't want this in your example.

> The info I've been able to find isn't very clear on this.
> Thanks!