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Another EDP question

Hi all,

I've been reading up on the EDP as it sounds like it's just the ticket for
being able to maniplate multiple loops live.

It's looking to me like, however, it won't allow me to store and recall
actual sounds like the Loop Station does. Am I correct in that the momery
can't be used to store loops for later recall? The only mention I've heard
of that is MIDI dump and load, which means I'd have to have a sequencer and
a sound module I guess (I'm really pretty primitive when it comes to this
MIDI stuff!

What I've BEEN doing is using my Roland SPD-6 to tap out patterns. I've 
storing some of the more common loops in the loop station memory locations,
but I still tap a few out on the fly in my live act. I don't want to load
myself down with a full blown MIDI rig though.

I get the idea that for most users of this unit, it's assume that either a)
is layering sounds that are always on the fly and not something being
recalled like in my Loop Station, or b) the user has a midi rig in the

Am I getting this right, or have I missed something in the manual?

Thanks again for your input on this!

Paul Sanders
Email: paul_sanders@adelphia.net