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Rise of the machines

On Saturday, July 5, 2003, at 12:26 PM, Paul Sanders wrote:
> Sounds to me like your machines are a bit more than just "drum 
> machines" though.

Well, a drum machine is just a sequencer with drum sounds.  Companies 
are marketing these things as "grooveboxes" or "Command Stations."  
Call them what you like, but the end result is the same.  Some have 
more features and sounds than others.

I just spent some time doing something that I never did before.  
Looping in the midi domain.  I now know what Jon B was talking about.  
Pretty damn fun.  So far the only thing I'm missing (and it's a pretty 
big thing) is the ability to control "feedback" like you do on an audio 
looper.  I can record and delete notes at will, but I loose the ability 
to gradually have my new stuff replace my old stuff.  At this point I'm 
wondering if that's totally necessary, since I've got a ton of audio 
looping going on.  I've seen Jon play live (a must see for those of you 
who haven't) and he seems to pull it off really well.