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Re: Nearly there: EDP Individual loop muting?

Just buy the god damn thing already, you know you want it.

On Saturday, July 5, 2003, at 10:39 PM, Paul Sanders wrote:

> Ok, I'm almost at the point where I'm sure this Echoplex looper will do
> enough of what I need to just take the leap and run with it.
> However, there's one detail that I'm not finding in the online manual:
> It discusses how I can trigger the start of individual loops randomly 
> by
> sending MIDI note on message. This is great, however, it doesn't say 
> how to
> STOP that loop. Is this a toggle thing? If I send note 48 which 
> triggers
> loop 2, then send note 48 again, does it stop the loop, though 
> allowing the
> others to remain playing?
> I know there's the mute button/switch, but according to the manual, 
> that
> mutes the entire unit, which is what I'd expect as I'd damned well 
> better be
> able to stop all the loops with one button.
> This ability to start (which I can clearly do!) but then *stop* a 
> specific
> loop is crucial for my application.
> Is this easily doable with the EDP?
> Thanks (again),
> Paul Sanders
> Email: paul_sanders@adelphia.net