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Re: Floor pedal or MIDI pedal for EDP?

Paul Sanders wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm sorry if I asked this earlier, I can't recall if I did or not...
> Oh, and please pardon the level of traffic on this list! This has really
> helped me see the light though and think of a comprehensive solution that
> should solve all the problems I'm having with my looper setup!
> For those of you who have experience with the Echoplex Digital Pro, is it
> considered more desirable to have the floor board that's optional, or is 
> better to have a good midi foot controller?
> I'm going to go look at that Roland SPD-S. I need to sort out just how
> functional the sequencer is on it and if it sends/receives MIDI clock. 
>If I
> can actually record a sequence from the pads on the machine itself and
> resample it to save it as a pattern, then have the sequencer play it back
> and loop it, then I'm golden with this and the EDP from what I can 
> I have a line on a new EDP, back stock I suppose, but no floor pedal.
> Thanks
> Paul Sanders
> Email: paul_sanders@adelphia.net

Hi Paul,
    I'm a fairly new EDP user (about a month now), and I use the EFC-7
footswitch.  A lot of guys on the list use an FCB-1010, which I know that 
can do a lot more with.
    I recommend starting with the EFC-7 just because it's so simple and 
to use right when you plug it in to the EDP.  Before I purchased the EDP I
debated which one to get as well.  I decided on the EFC-7 because I figured
that the EDP is such a deep machine that I didn't want to bog myself down 
programming a MIDI footpedal, I just wanted to work on my EDP technique.  
If I
need more control I can always add a Midi footpedal down the road.  A lot 
guys on the list use both.

Best of luck,