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Re: Meatwad makes the money see. (was Re: Nearly there: EDP Individual loop muting?

   This is one of the best things i've ever read on the list....

On Sunday, July 6, 2003, at 01:17 PM, Mark Sottilaro wrote:

> On Sunday, July 6, 2003, at 12:07 PM, Paul Sanders wrote:
>>> Meatwad: I don't want candy, I need candy and when you need something
>>> it's a responsibility!"
>> Meatwad?? Wow, Now I really feel at home here, and after only two days
>> of posting!
> No, it's an esoteric reference to a show called Aqua Teen Hunger  
> Force.  A story about French Fries, a Milk Shake and a Ball of ground  
> beef that fight crime... well, they don't actually do much of  
> anything.  In a typical episode Meatwad becomes obsessed with the rap  
> stylings of MC Peepants.  His song "I Want Candy" is causing Meatwad  
> to be obsessed with candy.  ("Frylock, I don't want candy, I need  
> candy, and when you need something it's a responsibility.") MC  
> Peepants turns out to be a huge insane spider that wants to use the  
> extra psychic energy generated by sugar consumption to dig a tunnel to  
> hell.  In the end they convince him to apply for a job delivering  
> pizza, but really they just blow him up.
> http://www.athf.com/home.html
> http://burtcom.com/athf/
> Number one in the hood G.
> Mark Sottilaro
"As a scientist, I'm constantly working with materials that threaten  
  on a global scale, and, sometimes, they spill..." -Dr. Forrester.