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Berlin Livelooping evening

Rick Walker (who'll probably update his tour diary soon) and his wife Chris
are now off to Radolfzell (South Germany) to gig with Louie Angulo. It was
sad to see them go after we had 5 wonderful days together.

Last Tuesday, Rick did a solo gig here in Cologne in a sound art gallery.
Then on Friday, we drove to Berlin where Andreas Willers and Leander
Reininghaus had organized a gig which went well and was big fun.

On stage from left to right were: jazz guitarist Andreas Willers, myself  
played some guitar but mostly did a cut-up radio kind of thing using the
EDP), Rick Walker with his translucent dayglo green plastic performance,
Matthias Grob on guitar, and Michael Schiefel (a singer from Berlin who I
hadn't known before and whose performance really blew my mind).

Each of us did a solo set and then we improvised together. Maybe I'll be
able to upload some music later on.

Here are some pictures from the gig:

= michael peters
= www.michaelpeters.de
= computer graphics + electronic music