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Re: RE: Digital Out on MD

--- Travis <tiktok@sprintmail.com> wrote:

> In related news, I found a "pro" portable MD recorder, with balanced 
> ins/outs and digital IO for...$1600.  For that money, I'd get a DAT 
> recorder, 

That's ridiculous. Used DAT machines, nice ones, are going for $200 or 
less on
Ebay these days. Incredibly good deal for a machine that sounds great with 

> even with the media flakiness of DAT.

What media flakiness would that be? I've used DATs for years and haven't 
had any
media problems (aside from one DAT -machine- that had a flakey transport 
and chewed up a master tape on one session, but it wasn't a great model 
and it had a history of not being maintained, just what happened to be 
at the studio I was working at). 


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