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Re: MIDI Foot controllers?

"I picked up a Behringer FCB1010 and was working on programming it. What a

amen to that, but once you "get it" you'll definitely get it.

"The thing I notice is that it has "presets" that apparently fire off midi
commands when you enter the preset."

you can thank behringer for pre-programming the fcb to work with other
behringer gear.  a real nice touch...really makes the thing a joy to work

"What I had in mind is a foot controller that I can easily program the
switches to send the appropriat program change/control change messages to
record enable, record, mute, etc. different tracks on the repeater. For my
purposes the Behringer seems all wrong."

"easily program" and "behringer" don't belong in the same sentence, as far
as i'm concerned.  as well, no cc messages.

"What controllers would you all recommend?"

i recommend the rocktron all access, but i would bet that the rocktron
midimate would be just as easy to program, would send cc messages, and has 
reliable expression pedal jack.  don't know how they would work with the
repeater, but with the edp, the all access is a match made in heaven.