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Re: Line 6 Filter Pro

matt-i don't know about the line 6 filter pro (i'm sure it's good!), 
and i looked into the electrix products (filter factory and filter 
queen), but
never got one, so i opted for an alesis ineko. it's decent
for "dj" type effects and has some filter options that my guitar
processors don't have. i got mine for 50$ off ebay (my last
ebay purchase), but the catch is that it needs to use the alesis
wallwart for power, the radio shack one's don't work w/ it.
but it is SMALL, and sounds decent. i used it on my last cd project
(unPLAYable) and got some fun sounds out of it. the bummer thing on
mine, is the row that has delay effects don't work (like i said,
my last ebay purchase), so i will probably take that in to get it 
fixed one of these days. but it has a nice range of dj/filter/lo-fi 
but note: no TIME SYNC on it. it's just a small effects box that's
easy to use.  if you need time sync, i'm not sure what your options 
are. i've also heard a few people say good things about the korg 
kaoss box, and it's
pretty small, but it costs more than the ineko. musiciansfriend.com 
just lowered the ineko price to 79.99$.
my 2 cents....
ps-i remember seeing on harmony-central.com a few days ago that 
someone was selling a sherman filterbank (ver 1) for like 400$. if 
you want some incredible filter sounds, that's the route to go, based 
on the samples i've heard from their website.

>has anyone been loopy with the Line 6 Filter Pro rackmount deal?  I 
>am interested because of the time sync as well as the ZVEX and 
>Electrix Filter Factory presets.  I want something that sounds good 
>but doesn't take up space like the Electrix.  Any suggestions?
>peace-matt wiley