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Re: My two cents and a question for all concerning mixers


You should check out the Samson PL1602.  It covers most of your wish list. 
you can get them for about $230 new.  2 spaces though.  I haven't hooked 
mine up yet, but i have heard from some that they sound good.  Probably 
better than the Behringer, although i like their stuff for the price!  I 
wish Rane would make a more advanced design on their SM-82.  Oh well.  
out the Samson!  Two Stereo fx send and returns!

-matt wiley

From: "Gene Ehrbar" <gene@anomalyinc.com>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Subject: Re: My two cents and a question for all concerning mixers
>Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 09:46:22 -0700
>Hi Will!  (and everyone else!)
>Great question.  As I'm in the market for one, I'll bite.
>First off, a bit of context -- I'm looping using Ableton Live as a
>sequencer/looper, Propellerheads Reason for synths, and assorted objects,
>instruments and humans for other sounds.  I've got 4-in and 4-out to my
>laptop (2x stereo, essentially), so I'm mixing all of my inputs down 
>sending them into the loop chain using a small tabletop mixer, and 
>a monitor out and master out using the four outs on my computer's audio
>interface.  The biggest drawback (so far), is that the send on the mixer 
>using is mono, so any stereo inputs are being monofied on their way into 
>loop chain.  Other than that, it works pretty well.
>Given that, here's my wish list:
>- keep it small -- one rack space would be great;
>- stereo aux/sends, x2 if possible;
>- 2x stereo out, for dedicating monitor (click/metronome/preview) and 
>- pushbotton reassigning of inputs to master/monitor/sends -- this would 
>great for "punching in" myself and others into the loop chain on the fly.
>The biggest challenge now in playing with others is isolating signals 
>into the loop chain -- running over to the board and turning up a given 
>knob isn't always practical (footswitch, perhaps?).  The thought of 
>everything through a spaghetti bowl of ABY boxes makes me cringe...
>- put the input jacks on the face, not the back panel, for easy 
>- at least 8 (4x stereo) inputs -- 12 or 16 would be nice :-)
>- per-channel EQ would be nice, but not absolutely necessary, since most
>sounds will be otherwise massaged along the chain;
>- can I have it tomorrow? ;-)
>So, it basically sounds like I'm describing a simple rack-mounted line
>mixer.  It looks like Behringer just introduced one of these:
>(available 8/1/03), but I've heard some not-nice stories about the build
>quality of their units -- anyone care to share?
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Will Brake" <wbrake@comcast.net>
>To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
>Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2003 9:26 AM
>Subject: My two cents and a question for all concerning mixers--was 
>Foot controllers?
> > Hello all, after a few years off, I'm back. LOL
> >
> > If you think about it, all the talk about manuals makes sense. Most
> > companies are producing their technical writing on computers, so it
> > isn't a hassle to convert to a PDF and upload to a website. To convert 
> > manual, on the other hand, takes hours and people. Additionally,
> > bandwidth costs money. Imagine how much money it would cost Roland to
> > have all the 'legacy' product manuals online! Personally, I'd rather 
> > less for the products!
> >
> > We're currently working on a compact mixer, one or two rack spaces,
> > designing with the looping community in mind. Obviously running MOST FX
> > in parallel is preferred and we are taking this into consideration. I
> > have a few questions for the group:
> >
> > First, in a perfect world, what would you fantasy mixer be able to do?
> > (please keep your lewd thoughts and comments to yourself)

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