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Re: Playing in time with multiple non-synced loopers... (was: Re: footswitchable series/parallel signal routing schemes)

On Thursday, July 10, 2003, at 04:54 PM, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:

> I found that when using two loopers, or when playing live with two 
> musicians using loopers (that are not MIDI synced) a button to 
> retrigger the loop is the only real way, if you're doing music that is 
> not just floaty textures.

Not true.  You can get really cool things happening when you use two 
unsynced loopers and do rhythmic stuff, you just have to loose your 
idea of traditional time signatures and tempo.  I was doing stuff with 
Will Wright a few weeks ago and he wasn't synced to me and we had some 
very interesting moments.  I need to do that more.

Mark Sottilaro