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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V03 #500

> > Anyone want my Zoom 2100?  Works perfectly, great condition, in
>  > original box w/power supply, patch reference card, manual.  32 seconds
>  > max loop time, 
>  That's only loops recorded from a CD or suchlike - live guitar loops 
>  limited(!) to 10 seconds. It's a great beast & worth $60 any day. 

That's not true! the 32 sec looper can record the guitar input.
(set sampler I/P to "playnote")
...and anyway, you can plug guitar into the aux I/P, which then
gives you the pitch control (or bad tempo control).

Actually, I've been using the 2100 for non-looping,
.....nice usable sounds

andy butler