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boss dd-20 faults

--- mark <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:

> Now I have a gig coming up that's a small festival type of thing and I 
> have no looper for my mini rig.  The Echo-pro was cool, but something 
> on the floor might be better.  I'm thinking of maybe the Boss DD-20 but 
> I'm not sure if it will let me loop and control feedback at the same 
> time. 

I haven't used one, but I've been watching the reviews and what little info
Roland/Boss will actually TELL YOU about their stupid box (grrr... why 
can't they

Not absolutely sure about feedback, but I don't think it'll let you 
control it.
What it won't do for sure is let you STOP the SOS mode and restart it. 
When you
stop the loop, it's gone.

Between these two things, I probably won't get one. As nearly as I can 
tell, the
DL4's got it beat on basic looper functionality. Too bad, some of the other
features seemed cool. But the ability to stop and start a loop just seems 
basic and stupid not to include.


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