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RE: Dream Looping Mixer

> OK, I'll add some features to this mixer:
> Give it an audio looping function.  How about a effects 
> processor while 
> your at it.  Nothing too crazy.  Think JamMan for the looper, Vortex 
> for the effects.  Put it on the floor.  Give it roller pots like the 
> Boomerang for each channel.  8 stereo inputs.  A switch next to each 
> pot could control whether or not it's volume or send.  Have some aux 
> send and returns as well for other outboard gear.
> That's what I want.
> Mark Sottilaro

We were playing here at the Stockholm Electronica 2003 festival, for
mainly deejays and dance music producers. Theese guys were very skilled
with those DJ mixers and after our live looping gig we had a lot of
discussion on how cool it would be if DJ mixers also had sync and midi.
Your describtion/wish above is quite similar to a DJ mixer ;-)

Best wishes

Per Boysen