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Re: Clownishness

On Friday, July 11, 2003, at 09:28 PM, Relay wrote:
> Mark Sottilaro will be very disappointed when he hears me loop "On the 
> Road Again" with equipment better suited to space music.  Hey, 
> whatever floats your boat . . .

Exactly.  I never said that was bad, just not my bag.  It was after 
Paul Sanders remarked that it wasn't possible that anything good 
sounding could come of two out of synced loopers.  I was just trying to 
illustrate that there are many different definitions of "good."

> As regards Cara, I visited her in Colorado and I feel a real kinship 
> with her--we didn't really have time to play, but she gave me a copy 
> of her EP, and we shared tea and lunch.  She is both playful and 
> earnest, as her postings reflect . . .

I have absolutely nothing against Cara, except that it's really hard to 
get through any of her posts for me.  Kind of like a freeway with 
speedbumps.  For example:

I'm trying to find a looper.  I feel good.  I want the looper to have 
at least 10 sec of memory. I'm happy.  I'd also like it to have 
variable feedback while in looping mode.  I'm feeing really good.  But 
I can't seem to find it.  I'm content and relaxed.  Does anyone know of 
a product that does this.  I'm happy.

> I would like to direct some energy toward the Santa Cruz festival 
> loosely planned for the fall,

I'm up for that.  I think this year I'll take the proper time to spend 
down there instead of rushing right back because it's only a few hours 
away.  Last year I missed a lot.

Mark Sottilaro