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GIG SPAM: Fractal in San Francisco, Sat July 12th

Greetings to all,

(I used to be on the list a long time ago, then 'fell off' - I recently 
resubscribed so getting back into matters of looposity now)

Just wanted to advertise that my band Fractal will be playing tonight at 
O'Shea's Mad Hatter in San Francisco. We're on late (midnite-ish). Details 
can be found at our website, http://www.fractal-continuum.com

We are a three-piece instrumental rock outfit, and all utilize some amount 
of looping as part of the approach. For a quick impression, 
http://www.mp3.com/fractal_ (please include the underscore;-) has a few 

Thanks for the time, and perhaps see some of you there,
Nic Roozeboom