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RE: BerlinLivelooping improv

> You know, the Real compression
> kind of sucks, but it made me think that
> a CD should be released of this.  I'd buy it.

I'm glad you all like the music. Yes a CD would have been nice ... in
theory, but there was a very nasty hum/hiss thing during the whole 
of the evening, probably due to a broken cable or something, and I had to
apply half a ton of Cooledit denoising ... which got rid of 80% of the 
but mangled some of the music as well ... oh well. What might sound like
sucking realaudio could in part also be the result of that.

btw I did a streaming realaudio instead of mp3 because I can't stream mp3
from here and a 30 minutes mp3 file download would have been too large for
most people, I reckon. I can put the mp3 up there too if somebody really
wants. It is large.

= michael peters
= www.michaelpeters.de
= computer graphics + electronic music