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RE: (affordable) stereo (live) looping?

At 06:33 PM 7/13/2003, Tritone3@aol.com wrote:
>I previously was running the TC Electronic G-Force dual outputs into the 
>dual inputs of a Jamman. And from the dual outputs of the Jamman to my 
>power amp. All stereo sounding effects were accurately reproduced (stereo 
>chorus, ping-pong delays, etc.) without any problems.

the jamman sums the inputs to mono for the loop. No fooling, I have the 
schematics. it's really true. Only audio passing through stays as stereo. 
Weirdly, the loop output can be stereo. That is why Bob Sellon's jamman 
upgrade can pan the loop into different spots in the stereo field. The 
input is always mono though, no software can change that.

>Currently I'm using a pair of EDP's. I'm not sure what the rest of the 
>looping world thinks of the EDP's, but as a guitar player I think they 
>over priced and kill the bottom end frequencies and rob way to much 

sounds like you have your levels set wrong, try turning the input down a 
bit so you aren't overloading it.


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