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RE: aleatory analogue in the house

Title: RE: aleatory analogue in the house

loopsters- I ask again, in the name of all that's holy and repeatable- does my use of analogue step sequencers count (ahem..) as a looping technique, for the purposes of this list? or do I have to limit my correspondence to matters concerning jam-mans, repeaters and dl4's? (we have two of each in my band).

I'm going to bang on about them anyway though.

only, last night I had an old roland sequencer (model 104) hooked up to a little moog (modified rogue) and running into an mm4 and a dl4. it was totally addictive. I had forgotten how much fun it could be having the delay repeats slightly unsyncopated with the step sequencer- these days it's all midi-locked effects devices and distributed timing data round our house; this was like going back to tape-delay.

I'm in the middle of designing my own analogue step sequencer, because all the ones I've bought have some shortcoming or other- they seem to be intended for users who prefer to prepare sequences rather than alter them in real-time, or they are lacking in some fundamental way. the best of the lot, the latronic notron, has a quirky interface, dodgy hardware and is currently unsupported.

so I'm designing a simple 8-step device that will derive it's master clock from midi or it's own lfo, that will allow skip and reset functions and that can perform double/triple triggering so that a given step can be made to trill instead of just sounding once. if this all works out, it'll be built-in to the aforementioned moogette and I'll start on a 16 step version for my pro-1.

bip bip b-b-bip bip.



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