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RE: aleatory analogue in the house


     Have you ever come across a Serge 16 stage sequencer?  Now 
manufactured by Sound Transform
Systems.  No website, though there is an unofficial site called EGRES 
(which is Serge spelled
backwards).  Like most real tools, this one will not do what you want it 
to, rather it sits you
down and takes you on a really wild joy ride, one that you'll never 
forget.  This little unit can
do things that NO computer has yet to shake a stick at.  It outputs CV 
only, and takes trigger
inputs.  MIDI to CV modules are readily available as well.

     I used to work with Serge back in the 70's.  I swear that music took 
a giant step backwards
when digital *everything* came around.  Not because of digital per se, 
rather the brainwashing
that lulled most of the world into forgetting that what we have right in 
front of us works in ways
that digital can't, won't, and probably never will.


<<<<only, last night I had an old roland sequencer (model 104) hooked up 
to a little moog
(modified rogue) and running into an mm4 and a dl4. it was totally 
addictive. I had forgotten how
much fun it could be having the delay repeats slightly unsyncopated with 
the step sequencer- these
days it's all midi-locked effects devices and distributed timing data 
round our house; this was
like going back to tape-delay.

I'm in the middle of designing my own analogue step sequencer, because all 
the ones I've bought
have some shortcoming or other- they seem to be intended for users who 
prefer to prepare sequences
rather than alter them in real-time, or they are lacking in some 
fundamental way. the best of the
lot, the latronic notron, has a quirky interface, dodgy hardware and is 
currently unsupported.

so I'm designing a simple 8-step device that will derive it's master clock 
from midi or it's own
lfo, that will allow skip and reset functions and that can perform 
double/triple triggering so
that a given step can be made to trill instead of just sounding once. if 
this all works out, it'll
be built-in to the aforementioned moogette and I'll start on a 16 step 
version for my pro-1.

bip bip b-b-bip bip. 


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