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Re: Buy one EDP, get the 2nd for half price!

--- mark <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> Why not $1200 for a pair of new EDPs?  It could be in the form of an 
> instant rebate from Gibson so dealers wouldn't be hurt.  I bet a lot of 
> people who were thinking about buying one would spend $400 more for a 
> second.  Maybe Gibson wouldn't make money off the second EDP, but 
> they'd double their sales and increase visibility at the same time.  
>  From a marketing standpoint it might be worth it.

We'd just see a boatload of "new" EDPs on Ebay.
> Now, the smart thing, IMO would be for Gibson to make a stereo EDP.  
> Lot's of things wouldn't need to be duplicated twice, making the 
> overall cost cheaper for them.  I know sales of the EDP are small and 
> Gibson doesn't feel it's worth it do a stereo upgrade or they would 
> have already.  Shame, but it's the truth.

They could do it with minimal effort by packaging two of the current units 
the same chassis, with the BrotherSync already hooked up, possibly with a 
power supply. It'd be 2U high, but a lot of other boxes are 2U high and 
complains. This would allow them to lower the price on the 2nd unit without
risking losing sales to people who really only wanted one but thought they 
make some money by selling off the "freebie" for a profit.

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