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Re: Buy one EDP, get the 2nd for half price!

I have a feeling it wouldn't be "minimal effort".

Minimal effort is something like updating the silkscreened graphics on 
the front from "Oberheim" to "Gibson".  Making a new metal case, with 
all the controls duplicated, a new power supply (and since it's an 
internal supply, I think there's some re-certification that Gibson 
would have to complete, but I could be wrong), testing to make sure 
that there weren't any thermal problems or noise/interference issues, 
adjusting the production/assembly line for this new thing, re-doing the 
manual, new box, marketing info, etc--that doesn't sound very minimal.  
When all is said and done, it'd probably cost about the same as two 
Echoplexes.  And what's the market for the double-decker EDP?  Small, 
really small--at any realistic price point for such a thing.

If you think you've got to have a second EDP cheap, they go for about 
$550 on eBay, often with the foot controller.


On Monday, July 14, 2003, at 05:15 PM, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:

> They could do it with minimal effort by packaging two of the current 
> units inside
> the same chassis, with the BrotherSync already hooked up, possibly 
> with a single
> power supply. It'd be 2U high, but a lot of other boxes are 2U high 
> and nobody
> complains. This would allow them to lower the price on the 2nd unit 
> without
> risking losing sales to people who really only wanted one but thought 
> they could
> make some money by selling off the "freebie" for a profit.