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San Francisco Found Objects Festival (in Oakland)

hey everyone,

Found Object Festival time is approaching, and I have one opening that I'd 
like to fill with a looping musician. For those who haven't seen my 
on these events, they're kind of unusual. The musicians are not allowed to 
bring anything that makes a sound. Only stuff for affecting, processing, 
manipulating and organizing sounds. All sound-generating items are 
by the audience in the form of objects from home.

As you can imagine, it's definitely in the experimental/avant-garde realm 
things. People who are currently booked include Thomas Dimuzio (seminal 
noise musician), Big City Orchestra (seminal experimental band), Rent 
Coelacanth ("lowercase"/textural music duo), and a number of locals from 
improvisation and experimental electronic scenes.

The time slot will be 20 to 30 minutes. It's a 2 day festival, Fri/Sat 
September 19/20 @ 21 Grand gallery in Oakland. 8 to 11 pm. Pay is a share 
the door, which admittedly rarely gets to be more than $15. However, last 
year's festival and this spring's "Found Objects Night" brought in between 
30 and 50 people each night, which is pretty good for local experimental 
music. Good exposure I think.

Anyway, let me know if you're interested. Priority goes to folks who 
done one of these before, but sound up for the challenge. (For example, 
asking if you can bring your guitar.) And don't worry about there only 
one slot. There'll be another "Found Objects Night" early next year, and 
I get too many responses to this I'll save slots for that.

For this particular slot, I'm specifically seeking either percussive loops 
or "ambient music", or both - all from audience-submitted objects mind you!

Matt Davignon

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