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Re: developing musicians and a musical culture

If you were 15 in 1980, you did much of your teens with MTV on in the
background.  But, if you're 15 today, you probably have your own web-page,
and maybe even attend video-production classes in high-school.

15-year-olds today are way more media and technology savvy than anyone
before them.

Yes, musical theory and harmony and stuff will still be learned by some,
even many.  And yes, some kid will pick up a guitar and join a band.  Some
may even practice cycles of thirds and loop the results. :-)

But here's my point :  What high-school music teacher today can teach these
kids how to use Reason or Live, etc.??????   I suggest THESE are the kinds
of instuments that kids today will be using more and more to make their

David Kirkdorffer