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EDP and pitch bend messages?

Hi all,

Still trying to get my EDP (loop IV) and Roland FC-200 foot controller to 
enjoy each others company.  

I'm now running into a situation where the EDP is responding to some 
extraneous FC-200 messages and going into a "state" I don't recognize.  
When I power 
on the FC-200, or switch modes on it, it for no real reason sends out a 
bend message on ch 7.. then on channel 1 (recently learned from Roland 
support).  Basically this sounds like a bug in the FC-200.

When the EDP sees this pitch bend message, it goes into some state where 
display reads .25.  Pressing the FC-200 mode switch changes the EDP 
back and forth from reading .25 to 120.  Any recording I now do, seems to 
working off of .25 as an interval of time.  So if I record for exactly a 
it shows as 4 cycles.  If I want to record for 1.3, well.. it's gonna 
for 1.5 and call it 6 cycles. 

Seems like I have two options... buy a filter to get rid of this message.. 
or... (hoping) there's a way on the EDP to get it to ignore this message 
disable whatever mode it's going into?

Any thoughts?

Thanks (yet) again!