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OT: developing musicians and a musical culture

>Example: Imagine I put a white canvas in front of you. You have
>no experience with paints, brushes, pallet knives, etc. Then to top it
>all off, you get only white paint.

if this is what you get, you then paint like ROBERT RYMAN (or you
could paint the 'polar bear in the blizzard' as one of my students
commented on years ago).

or you could slather your canvas with the paint and then cover
it w/ news images from the paper (mass media) like ROBERT RAUSHCENBERG
did (and yes, others before him did it, but he did it well making
comments on mass media). and some would say that using paint as a binding
medium is not a very good idea by the way.

and just because you get a Palette Knife, doesn't mean you'll
paint like (or as good as) HANS HOFMANN or GERHARDT RICHTER!

it just means you have a palette knife in your tools. I would
bet that most would make a "happy tree" like bob ross (rest his soul).
and in the classical sense, using the palette knife is for mixing
your paints on your palette, you do not use your brushes for this,
but most do (it ruines your brushes, plus the residue from other paints
can contaminate the color you're mixing, but then w/ that you
get Cezanne don't you. and then some would argue that his drawing
was horrible, as was his sense of perspective...fundamentals ya know...)