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Re: How Many Delays, synced and unsynced

At 7:41 AM -0700 7/16/03, Relay wrote:
>How many delay units in series (one into another, as it were) are you 

I'm currently splitting the stereo outputs from the "A machine" of an 
Eventide Orville into the inputs of a pair of brother-synced EDPs and into 
input one of a Rane SM-82 mixer. The outputs of the EDPs go into another 
channel of the Rane. There is an Electrix Repeater in the stereo effects 
send/return of the Rane. With a little planning, I can get three 
independent stereo loops going. I can pour the output of the Orville into 
either the EDPs or the Repeater, or I can pour the output of the EDPs into 
the Repeater.

This means that if I put all these things in series, I could have 87 
seconds from the Orville, 198 seconds from the EDPs, and 240 seconds from 
the Repeater. This works out to 8:45 all in glorious stereo. It's an 
embarrassing amount of gear to throw at making Righteous Racket, but it 
sure is fun.


I forgot to mention the 40 seconds that the Orville has in each of its A 
and B machines for general purpose delay, reverb, chorus, etc. use. Oh... 
my guitar amp has a spring reverb, too. :-)

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