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gig sharing

    Hi all.  I've been a member here for about 6 months.  I've never
been part of an online community before.  I've obtained so much great
information from this list, and I really appreciate it.
     I gig about 4 to 5 times a month.  90 percent of the time it is a
solo loop show.  Being a singer/songwriter, I've done many multiple
singer/songwriter shows over the past few years.  I've also done some
minor touring by sharing shows with other songwriters that I've met.
I'm in New Jersey and I've done some shows in Massachusetts and
     I'd like to do shows all over the country.  I know that many of you
have regular gigs in your area.  I have a few good monthly gigs here in
north New Jersey.  Would anybody on the list be interested in doing some
gig sharing?  Not neccessarliy a full blown loop festival, more like
come to New Jersey and share a show with me, and I come to your state
and I share a show with you.
     I know that Rick Walker is doing a European tour right now.  I'm
sure that some other people on the list would like to share their music
with people outside of their home town.  I do have a day job, so I'm not
looking to do a full blown US tour.  Just maybe one weekend a month
drive out to a gig a few states away, or maybe further in the summer(I'm
a teacher)
     I'm not looking to make money doing this.  I just want the
opportunity to share my music with more people.
     If you are interested, let me know.  Perhaps as a list we can
create a network of gig sharing all over the place.