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RE: (affordable) stereo (live) looping?

--- Catilyne <catilyne@icicle.net> wrote:
> Wow, I think you're right.  I had figured that that was the reason 
> the big $199 blowout.  And for a while you couldn't get one through 
> Zzounds or Musician's Friend, so I thought they'd been EOL'd.  I just 
> checked though, and it now looks like they're back up in mailorder for 
> $299 again, so perhaps they weren't discontinued.

Actually, as near as I can tell, there never WAS a $199 blowout...except 
at one
particular local GuitarCenter store. Not a generalized thing. When I read 
that price, I searched all the online vendors I could find and nobody had 
below $299.

> From what little we know about Line 6, just curious which model you 
> they're closer to.  Any guesses...?

Yeah, it would be very interesting to know how big a company it is, and 
how their
support and development operations interact. There used to be a Line6 
that frequented this list, but he hasn't been around for a long time. 


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