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Echo Pro & MidiBuddy Question

As discussed earlier, I'm setting up a looping rig for
a vocalist, and on Rev. Doubt-Goat's advice have gone
with the MidiBuddy to control it.

I'm having a bit of difficulty getting the midi pedal
to talk to the Echo Pro... Since I bought both units
used, I want to make sure it's just me being a midiot
and not something wrong with either unit.

And yes, I've read the manuals... :-)

I followed the Echo Pro's instructions to reset
everything to the factory standard. The midibuddy's
"manual" is less enlightening; I *think* the dip
switches are set correctly, but I'm not positive.

Could someone who's familiar with using the two units
together just run me through a very brief setup for
using the midibuddy to control program changes



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