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RE: PEATER & sync/quantising

Title: RE: PEATER & sync/quantising

>>By this I mean, if I'm recording a new loop that is to be 8 beats (2 bars),
and I stop recording slightly before the end of the 8th beat, will it not
continue to the end of the 8th beat before going out of record?<<

erm.... I think that's what's happening to me. this is why it's a good idea to record an empty loop first. somehow, that sucks, though- you have to decide how long you're going to loop for before you start, or you takes y'r chances.

but definitely stop your drum machine sending note on-offs to it. change the bat-channel or supress the midi-note-transmit on y'r beatbox. it's annoying that you can't switch off that bit of it's midi reception and just have it receive clocks and PC's/CC's. still love the thing though but.



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